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About Us

“It’s All Good! G&R” Family-owned and operated online marketplace that proudly launched in 2023.
Offering a unique blend of retail merchandise, general goods, and gently-loved items. It’s All Good G&R is a
one-stop shop for a variety of consumer needs. We have also created a special platform dedicated to
artisans and craft-makers, that fosters a thriving creativity within the maker- community. Our business is
grounded in holistic principles, emphasizing a high standard of customer service, with plans for
thoughtful, sustainable growth. It’s All Good G&R is not just another e-commerce marketplace platform.
Our unique business model is our commitment to social good. At our core, we are a team of professional
humanitarians. What makes us stand out from the rest is our heartbeat to serve and give back to the
communities that need it most.


To provide a great shopping and viewing experience for each consumer who shops and visits our
website. For the artisans and craft-makers who are looking to partner with us to gain more exposure to
their unique creative abilities and products, and for the thrifty-thrifter who is looking for that next
gently-loved item.


At our online store, our vision is to emerge as a premier online marketplace, setting a new standard for exceptional online shopping and browsing experiences. We strive to foster an engaging commitment through a strong organic social media presence. Our goal is to become a leader in the industry by fostering meaningful community engagement.

How We Give Back 

At It’s All Good G&R, we take immense honor in our commitment to giving back to every aspect of our mission. As an online retail marketplace, we go beyond mere transactions by incorporating a philanthropic element. We actively contribute to communities in need, support fellow small businesses, and collaborate with community organizations. We wholeheartedly embrace and appreciate donations and sponsorships, which enables us to sustain and expand numerous campaigns throughout the year. Join us on this remarkable journey that not only offers value but also makes a meaningful contribution to the greater good. Together we will make a difference.

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